A date with the Beach

Over 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year and nearly 8 million tons finds its way into the oceans. Oceanic life is threatened by excessive plastic pollution. Plastic makes up 80 percent of all marine debris. Choking and death of marine life because of plastic ingestion has a direct impact on human life. It brings death and destruction by bringing about climate change, lowering seafood quality and increasing health risks.

A batch of 26 students paid a visit to Gorai Beach, a popular destination for all those who wish to relax by the seaside. While the sea, sand and the setting sun together are a visual treat, the plastic and other forms of trash that are choking the sea is an unseemly sight. It is our sea and our sandy beach that is being dirtied.

“Sarve janaah sukhino bhavantu” so did the wise men of yore pray for the well-being of all. In a country which believes that no life must be harmed without reason, our students felt that littering the beach – which has disastrous consequences for not just human life, but marine life as well, must be stopped.

In line with this thought, our students have decided to take a first step forward by organizing a beach clean-up drive at Gorai Beach. The drive will start at 8.00 AM on the 14th of February, 2021. They wish and hope that as many Mumbaikars as possible, make some time to play a role in giving our city and state a cleaner, safer and healthier beach.

The students are working together with Keshav Srushti, an organization that is working towards making India self-reliant. They are taking steps to ensure that all permissions are obtained well in time, and that safety measures are followed to keep COVID-19 at bay. All beach clean-up equipment will be provided by the students.

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