RMP Team has organised a wonderful digital course.RMP should also organise digital courses for people working in ngo sector.how to make ,DPR,projects,office management of ngo,etc.

Pinak Vaishya

“इस संस्थान में जो राजनीति की शिक्षा दी जाती है उसे सम्पूर्ण भारतवर्ष में फैलाया जाए। ताकि हमारा आज का युवा वास्तिवकता से अवगत हो सके। जय हिन्द । वन्दे मातरम ।”

Rohit Raghuwanshi

Rambhau Mhaligi Prabhodini is doing excellent job in this field as you have started a session for non party workers too, so it very informative and a wonderful experience for us to listen some famous personalities and dignitaries… with warm regards

Ishwar Chand

“Everything was perfectly fine and well managed. You can add some more topics as per relevance and more senior experienced speakers in times to come. Also you can start other short term certifications as well which will be helpful for us beginners of politics. Thanks”

Yash Saklecha

“If we could get literature and details of the subject before session, it would be more helpful for understanding. Thank you.”

Hemang Hansraj Punjabi