About MILM

Model International Leaders Meet is a conference/meet platform where youth leaders get an opportunity to develop public speaking skills, research ability, and diplomacy that help them to become better leaders. MILM aims to engage youth leaders from all over India and provides them with a platform to represent countries and put forth their position, and opinions as representatives of the allotted country on the agenda of that year. It is a platform to Think, Share and Grow. This meet brings about exposure and understanding of international relations and a chance to make a difference. Model G20 acts as a simulation of actual G20 summit and is a golden opportunity for young leaders to try their hands at international diplomacy and think on a global level.

About Model G20:

The Group of Twenty (G20) is the premier forum for international economic cooperation. It plays an important role in shaping and strengthening global architecture and governance on all major international economic issues. Model G20 aims to engage youth leaders from all over India and provides them with a platform to represent countries and put forth their position, and opinions as representatives of the allotted country on the agenda of that year. India holds the presidency of the prestigious inter-governmental organisation.

In the challenging post pandemic world, times of disturbed world peace and economic instability, India has a chance to show through its presidency of G20, the way ahead. MILM 2023 is a celebration of India’s G20 Presidency and a chance given to youngsters to be a part of a unique once in 20 years celebration. It is a simulation of the G20 meet being hosted and presided over by India making it the first Model G20 being organised in India.

Theme: Global Partnerships: Challenges & Opportunities.

Main track(G20)

Leader Track(L20)

Achieving Prosperity Through World Peace
In today’s changing world order, where physical boundaries of countries are getting interlinked because of digital interaction and trade, it is now essential to sustain global peace. In Model G20 2023, we expect delegates to bring new ideas and visions for a peaceful world while maintaining the sovereignty and integrity of countries.

Sherpa Track(S20)

Boosting Productivity while Ensuring Sustainability
Boosting productivity while ensuring sustainability refers to Industry 4.0, which is the fourth industrial revolution i.e. the complex cyber-physical transformation of manufacturing; it is an ongoing trend of automation, interconnectivity and data exchange in manufacturing technologies to increase productivity by synergizing production with digital technologies (5G Technology, the Internet of Things, etc.).

Finance track(F20)

Democratisation of the International Financial System
At times, when the global economy is closely intermingled, any unfavourable impact in one part of the world has its repercussions across the world by cutting across national boundaries. The economic crisis of the western world has impacted almost all countries.

Civil society track (C20)

Social Inclusivity for Global Unity
Diverse races and ethnicities have shaped the world and we should aim for a more sustainable future. We need to ensure the protection of civil rights for all sections of society. There is a need to integrate aspirations from the most vulnerable sections of society and we must try to give them space to express their aspirations.

Learning objectives:

  • To understand the working of G20 and measures taken by different countries towards it.
  • To promote third-person perspective thinking.
  • To understand global challenges and opportunities through partnership.
  • To gain more exposure and understanding of international relations.
  • To document present measures taken by countries and to encourage innovative ideas which can be implemented in the future for the betterment of the world.

Country allotment

Countries will be allotted at a stipulated date well ahead of MILM 2023.

Who can attend

  • Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD students
  • Young professionals
  • Age group: 18 – 30 years

Programme Dates: 30-31 January 2023

Last date of registration is 15th January 2023
2 days

Dress Code

Western Formals

Medium of Instruction


Fee Details

Venue and Host Campus

Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership,
Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini, Keshav Srushti,
Uttan Road, Uttan Village, Bhayander West,
Maharashtra 401106


There will be cash prizes for –

  • Best Delegate – Winner (Overall)
  • Best Delegate – Runner-up (Overall)

Apart from the above, there will be the following awards:

  • Best Contingent – Winner
  • Best Contingent – Runner-up
  • Best Diplomat – Winner (Overall)
  • Best Diplomat – Runner-up (Overall)
  • Best Draft Resolution – Winner (Overall)
  • Best Draft Resolution – Runner-up (Overall)
  • Alert Delegate Award
  • Best Position Paper – Winner
  • Best Campus Ambassador
  • Best Social Media Influencer

Campus Ambassador

Become a Campus Ambassador for IIDL’s Model International Leaders Meet – ‘MILM Model G20 2023’ aiming to build the leaders of tomorrow. Improve your communication and leadership skills and get a chance to earn a certificate and recognition from the Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership, which is part of the prestigious Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini.

Role description:

  • Create a buzz and excitement about ‘Model International Leaders Meet 2023’ in your college.
  • Post about ‘Model International Leaders Meet 2023’ on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Make fellow college mates register.
  • Be the face of ‘Model International Leaders Meet 2023’ in your college and represent the brand.


  • The Campus Ambassador with the highest entries from his/her college will be awarded the Best Campus Ambassador Award.
  • Campus Ambassador’s college with the best scores will be awarded Best Institute Award.


  • All Campus Ambassadors who register at least 5 delegates from their campus will be given an appreciation certificate.

For any query regarding Campus Ambassadors, please contact:


Shrirang Khokale: 8319044947 | Gargi Arora: 9811170320