This is specially conceptualised Program to harness the amazing power of mind to lead a happy successful life and It is designed to create a right mindset to conquer life by setting appropriate goals and action plan to achieve them also to build super confidence by working on several aspects of overall personality and to become the best version of yourself.

Why do we need mind management?

Unless we manage our mind, it is difficult to achieve peaceful, healthy and successful life. The age of Technology has thrown us on the escalator of aspirations but has robbed us of simple charms like falling asleep.

Learning objectives:

  • To Develop positive attitude towards life
  • To enhance effective communication skills
  • To Develop ability to manage stress effectively and develop resilience
  • To aid the individual’s integration with society and the work place

Who can attend

It’s open for all

Programme Dates: 16-18 July 2020

Session Plan: 3 days with 2 classes a day

Session 1 – 10:30 am – 11:30 am
Session 2 – 04:00 pm – 05:00 pm

Batch Size



Hindi and English

Fee Details

₹ 950 (inclusive of taxes)

Online certificate course in Mind Management




Programme Coordinator(s)

For any query on this course please contact

Shailesh Gokhale, 8108955966,
Devendra Pai, 9004396955,

BATCH I : Report of Online certificate course in Mind Management