What does it take to win an election?
Can it be a Science or an Art that you can perfect?

These are some questions that strike every single person with an interest in politics and elections.

Everything from planning the campaign, finalizing the campaign theme and last day voter outreach can be planned using scientific election research.

This course, conducted by experienced hands, gives you a step by step, and in depth view into the entire process.

During the course of the program, we will majorly focus on the following areas –

  • What exactly is involved in election research?
  • Introduction to quantitative and qualitative research
  • Key elements for qualitative research planning
    •  Plan
    •  Field Work
    •  Report
  • Key elements for quantitative research planning
    •  Plan
    •  Field Work
    •  Data Management
    •  Analysis
  • Understanding the professional scope

Learning objectives:

  • To learn about Indian Elections
  • Research and planning skill
  • Job Opportunity

Who can attend

  • Above the age of 21
  • Graduated
  • Interest in Social Research and Political activities is a plus.

Programme Dates : 22-26 September 2020

Session Plan: 5 days with 2 classes a day

Session 1 – 10.30 am – 11.30 am
Session 2 – 04:00 pm – 05.00 pm


Hindi and English

Fee Details

₹1500 (inclusive of taxes)

Online Certificate Course in Psephology




Programme Coordinator(s)

For any query on this course please contact

Shreya Agrawal, 9370918007, shreya.agrawal@iidl.org.in
Kamlakant Pathak, 7208070872, kamlakant.pathak@iidl.org.in
Atal Purohit, 8003707297, atal.purohit@iidl.org.in


Founder M76 Analytics & Director VMR. A renowned political commentator and psephologist.

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Co-founder Director at VMR. An election analyst and an expert in Indian electoral processes.

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BATCH I : Online Certificate Course in Election Research & Planning

Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini for the first time conducted an online course in Psephology between 22nd and 26th June’ 2020. It is a first of its kind course that was focused on the following points –

  • Qualitative research and its planning
  •  Quantitative research and its planning
  • Data management and analysis
  • Voting behavior and analysis

Resource persons
The course was conducted by experienced and renowned faculties such as –

  1. Jai Mrug ji – Renowned psephologist and founder, VMR research.
  2. Tarit Prakash ji – Cofounder, VMR Research. He started out as a journalist and is an expert in qualitative research
  3. Dr Amresh Jha ji – professor, AMITY University

Batch structure
The course was attended by 53 participants from 2 countries (India and Canada)
52 participants came from 13 states in India. The batch comprised of 45 male and 8 female participants. Participants came from back-grounds like the army, bureaucracy, advisor to a State minister, finance professionals, lawyers and journalists.

Special addresses
The opening address was given by Sh. Sunil Deodhar ji in presence of Sh. Ravindra Sathe ji and Sh. Ravi Pokarna ji. The closing session was addressed by Sh. Bhupendra Yadav ji, and Sh. Ravindra Sathe ji and Sh. Ravi Pokarna ji were also present.
Our esteemed guests motivated the participants and guided them for their future journey in the field of psephology.
Organizing team 
The program was co-ordinated by Shreya Agrawal ji, Atal Purohit ji and Kamlakant Pathak ji under the guidance of the team at