Dharmesh Agrawal
(Batch VII)

With no political background I was a new and underconfident on starting my journey in the stream of Politics. Indian institute of Democratic Leadership and Rambhau Mahalgi Prabhodini has played the paramount role in boosting my confidence and ensured that I am well trained to start my journey in Politics. I learned here that Politics is not only about leaders and glamour instead there is lots of opportunities to work and excel like being Political Strategist, Political Advisor, War Room Management, social media management and many more things. I learned here that every Karyakarta, every voter, every word, every action and every reaction matters and has a long term impact. I got the opportunity to interact with well known faculties and political experts…

Shankar Ravi
(Batch VII)

IIDL gives you a platform to connect with who’s who of our country in the domain of politics predominantly, it’s like a buffet system, you can select your area of interest and you’ll be handholded in that domain , candidates must take full advantage of this platform and turn it out for greater good to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Nitesh Kumar Tripati
(Batch VII)

My time at RMP as part of IIDL Batch – 7 was an enriching experience that I will always cherish. The institute’s verdant campus, with its focus on sustainability and inclusivity, fostered a positive and nurturing environment that allowed me to thrive. The faculty and leaders at the apex of their fields and subject matter, provided invaluable guidance and mentorship.

The highlight of the program was undoubtedly the “Constituency Profiling and Vision Document project” in Shahapur Assembly Constituency. This unparalleled experience equipped us with the skills to translate our political vision into a constituency-specific plan, incorporating the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders.

Prince Tiwari
(Batch VI)

IIDL has been a transformative experience for me, offering a unique perspective on Indian policy making and politics. I feel truly blessed to have been guided by such knowledgeable faculties who were experts in their respective fields. The outdoor visits to embassies, ministries, and commissions provided me with unparalleled insights into critical issues. Participation in events like Election Exposure and Model G 20 were incredible learning opportunities. Overall, IIDL has not only enhanced my skills but also shaped my opinions on important matters. Thank you, IIDL, for this enriching experience.

Akhilesh More
(Batch VI)

RMP – IIDL course has been a life changing experience in my life. I learnt about politics, leadership & governance. It was great platform for my self growth, Personality & Leadership development. The various programs which was organised by the RMP, helps me understand , how to utilise the politics for the welfare of the society. It thought us the essence of integral humanism and made us to work selflessly, for the implication of its characteristics. It was an enlighten experience for me to work for lighting the unlightened.

Satyavardhandas Bairagi
(Batch VI)

RMP-IIDL is an institute where I discovered my personality in a more structured manner and improved my existing skills. I was also able to learn new skills from the point of view of three broad topics namely Leadership, Politics & Governance. The most important thing of PGP in LPG course is that the resource persons who come to teach are from all walks of life and generally with practical experience about the topics they teach. There are also field visits and other study exposures, my favourite ones are Nandurbar Vanvasi village study tour, Gujarat Elections and The Delhi Study Trip. Apart from this by actively getting involved in and conducting programs like Model G20 I got to know that how to organise an event and successfully execute it with a team…

Sushil Kumar. D
(Batch VI)

IIDL gave me a very good exposure and helped me to improve my skills. It was a great platform for me to develop myself. Resource persons from various streams of fields took lectures and it enhanced my knowledge. It was a good platform for learning the process of politics. Election exposure, Model United Nations, Model Parliament and various field visits were the best part of the course

Udit Pathak
(Batch VI)

IIDL has helped me to have a view point on issues that affect Indian policy making and Politics as a whole . I am blessed to have amazing learning experience from a wide range of faculties who were subject experts in their fields. Outdoor visits to embassies, Ministries and Commission gave unparalleled experience which shaped my opinion over important issues. Election Exposure and Model G 20 were amazing opportunities where I learned a lot .
Thank you IIDL

(Batch IV)

IIDL has been a turning point in my career and life. Entering the course gave me a new found perspective to use my skills in the media industry and channelise them towards creating powerful perceptions and campaigns. It moulded me into the professional that I am today and is the primary reason why I got the opportunity to work in parliament . The profound impact of IIDL resonates in the opportunities it provided, ultimately leading me to serve as a Research Associate at the Lok Sabha Secretariat, the epicenter of the functioning of the Lower House of the Parliament of the world’s largest democracy. I extend my deepest gratitude to IIDL and all of you who have been instrumental in shaping my path…