“IIDL is a platform which provided clarity on economic, social and political state of affairs of India. The course was not restricted to theory and rendered us with practical experiences. This course made me interact with different students from different backgrounds making me realise that it is this diversity in which lies the essence of Indian democracy”

Sankalp Shukla(Batch I)

“I am a Sarpanch from a small village. This course gave a bigger exposure than I had which led in an improvement in my personality most importantly public speaking both in terms of quality and quantity”

Sagarsinh Vaghela(Batch II)

“I thought I knew everything before doing this course, but this course opened up my eyes and I realized there were so many things about my country which I didn’t know.”

Heena Kini(Batch II)

“Participating in IIDL was a life changing experience for me. When I joined the first class I had very little political knowledge and no family background. This course gave me a crystal clear idea about all dimensions of politics, governance and leadership. Apart from the courses content, the beautiful campus and staff made me feel that the campus is my second home.”

Abhimany Rao(Batch I)

“IIDL gave me an opportunity to understand political ideologies and social issues which I am sure is going to play an important role in shaping up public life. I would call IIDL as the socio-political IIT of India which is on a quest to hone socio-political engineers.”

Aditya Chapra(Batch I)