“Assam elections exposure was a unique and challenging experience. I discovered and explored the new me and attempted to adapt myself in the political environment.point. I was provided with the chance to visit the field, to visit the political campaigns of the respective leaders. It was a great opportunity to comprehend their ground political and social reality.”

Vedika Znwar (Batch IV)

“Initiatives such as the Model Parliament helped me to understand how the Parliament actually functions. I was made the Minister of Information and Broadcasting and had to read up on the various bills, answer questions by fellow members of parliament, present the views of the government on the bills and also gather the support of the Members on the opposition benches for the bill. This was a very unique and exhilarating experience.

But inarguably the best part of the course was when the students of IIDL got to work with the Assam BJP team in the 2021 Assam Elections. We also got to meet and interact with the incumbent CM and the future CM of Assam.”

Anurag Choudhari(Batch IV)

“Although I come from a political science background, it was here I really learnt what politics is. The experience I got in IIDL was more practical than theoretical. If one aspires to be a leader, IIDL is the best platform one can find in this country.

The best part of the programme I found was the model parliament where we participated as real politicians representing our local constituencies. I happened to be in the opposition camp where I realised it is not always bad to be in the opposition. It was fun taking the government head-on, asking the ministers tough questions and making the ruling camp sweat.”

Sairam Khisti(Batch IV)

“This course provides you with all the knowledge and skills required to become a leader. It makes sure that you get an opportunity to showcase your abilities and help you develop the best version of yourself. The atmosphere and environment bestowed by Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership is just impeccable in every sphere of a student’s life.”

Shubham Batra(Batch III)

“The most valuable thing of being a part of IIDL is that we get to learn practically, learning is not limited to books. Everyday is a new learning experience and you learn from the master of every domain of the society. This develops a different approach of thinking in your mind, you don’t think traditionally and come out with out of the box ideas. Classroom teachings, field visits and practical exposures overall help an individual in his all-around development and witness a truly comprehensive view of politics.”

Jayvardhan Joshi(Batch III)

“I joined IIDL to understand the working style and thought process of political leaders and government officials. Throughout the course, lectures were conducted by various political leaders having different backgrounds and during the Delhi tour, we met with many Central Ministers. Frequent field visits and meetings with government officials helped me to understand the nitty-gritties of their work.”

Amit Deshmukh(Batch III)

“The most valuable thing about being a student at Indian Institute of democratic leadership is that we get to witness a truly comprehensive view of politics; as we are educated not only on every political theory that you can imagine, but we get to look at politics from a range of world views, and as such, get to make our own opinions and conclusions about what form of politics speaks to us, and are able to appreciate the value from a holistic point of view.”

Rohit Singh Chauhan(Batch III)

“The interaction with one of the biggest luminaries in their field as your teacher or sometimes you see the national vice president of the biggest national parties as your guide in the class is something to live for. I can say without an iota of doubt that IIDL has enriched my life in a very special way and also it has equipped me better to become a leader who is now able to understand the system rather than be in awe of it. Thanks Indian Institute of Democratic Leadership.”

Atal Purohit(Batch III)

“In 9 months I learnt a lot, it is a unique course which helps the students to have a deeper knowledge and understanding about different issues in the country. India expects its future politicians to be educated and IIDL is the course which will educate India’s future leaders.”

Shashank Raj(Batch II)

“Along with the theory, this course also included several field trips and group activities which helped me understand practical aspects of politics. This course also provided me a platform to connect with like- minded individuals from 14 different states.”

Vivek Sharma(Batch I)